Aly, Fort Worth, TX. / May 14, 2016

From: Penny Wilkinson
To: victor@dynamop.net
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2016 7:33 AM
Subject: Re: Mop Order 1Z27405F0375183115

Just wanted you to know my friend received her mop and all she could say was WoW she absolutely loves it. It makes the chore of mopping so much easier which is the reason why I wanted her to have it in the first place due to her back surgery. I am also going to be ordering another one for another friend of mine she just recently had surgery due to breast cancer this is one reason it has taken me so long to let you know the mop had been received.
Thanks for such a great product and such fantastic service.

Penny Wilkinson
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I am a professional housekeeper/organizer who HIGHLY recommends the DynaMop! I use it multiple times a day, five days a week and am amazed each time at how well it cleans.
Before, I used a tired gross generic mop from a big box store. It always left dirt, hair, and fuzzies which made me work twice as hard to get the floor clean.
This mop not only cleans better, it buffs and leaves the floor shining! It gets it so clean, sometimes I have to change out the water solution. My clients see the difference and love that I use a clean mop head every time. So easy to clean, I just pop it in the washer and bam good as new! My set came with 6 mop heads but they're so well made, I've washed the same too many times over and they absolutely show no signs of wear and tear. I actually look forward to mopping now! DynaMop puts the FUN back in cleaning!
Thanks DynaMop! You've made a lifetime customer out of me!
Aly from Fort Worth TX


M.S. / May 1st, 2016

Thank you so much. We have animals as we have been in Rescue for over 30 years and your mop is a godsend!
Lots of 'accidents'. We literally wore out one mop. Wouldn't have any other brand!!!
Our schedule in a.m. - feed critters, fresh mop water and then we are ready for the day!
And the BIG plus of Dynamop - - - It's quick Customer Service!
O.K. I guess I am through with my 'commercial' - - - - LOL

M Rankin, Weatherford TX. / Jan. 26, 2016

You were right! The mop is wonderful!! The construction is sturdy yet light weight, the handle is long enough, it spins almost effortlessly and it got my floors really clean! Just for fun, I emptied the very dirty water, then immediately prepared another bucket of mop water and re-mopped the whole house. I was shocked that the water stayed clean!! My old spin mop never cleaned that good! Really like the square bucket too! The "spiky" mop head is truly amazing! It actually picks up the hair and small debris just like you said it would Overall, I say 2 thumbs up and 5 stars!! Sincerely,


C.S. / Granbury TX 76049

Received the DynaMop yesterday afternoon; used it, loved it: cleaned all the floors with it (hardwood and tile) and it did a great job. Gets into corners and easy to get under things. Easy to use and no issue with moving it from one place to another. Oh - also tried it to wipe down some baseboards - a bit tricky but with practice I believe will do well. 

Barbara Warren - Wheatland CA 95692

This is my second mop! I also bought a mop for my sister and one for my niece. On this order I am buying a mop for my unmarried step-son. If it were not for this mop, I could not mop my floors myself. For someone with arthritic hands, the Dynamop is a joy to use!


Maureen Lange - Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

Hi there-- I just wanted to say before too much more time passed that I tried the new dynamop soon as I received it--and it is all I had hoped for and more! I really appreciate that it's well built--not tacky--and performs amazingly well. I am very impressed how the dirt spins off of it and you basically have a clean mop head at the end of the job AND the floors are cleaner than with any other I have used! Thank-you for including extra mopheads in your price--this is a plus! I will definitely tell others! Thanks again

Stan and Linda Marciniak - Homer Glen IL 60491

We are still using the Dynamop we bought two years ago. It's absolutely wonderful and it has saved us two to three hours of labor every week cleaning all our porcelain and wood floors. We love it! And we have never, ever had a single problem with it. It was the best cleaning investment we have ever made. Thank you,

Fernando Hinojo - Manhattan NY 10040

Overall mop is as advertised, easy to use and fun to use. Made cleaning a breeze and effortless with light weight construction but, very durable.


Awesome deal with extra two mop heads and 10% off next order thanks Dynamop =)


Best Mop ever! 


Ronald and Kathy Pehlke - Waupaca, WI 54981

Dear Dynamop:



I wanted to send this short Thank You and tell you personally how happy we were with our Dynamop.


As you know we have had our Dynamop for a year now and couldn't be happier with it. We have a larger home (2700 square feet) and most of the floors are wood or wood laminate so we do a lot of mopping. The Dynamop is so easy to use and so very easy to wring out with the spinning action that I do not dread the task. It gets into the corners nicely and with the round mop head, it works great for going under low furniture and tables as well as the corners. When we ordered our mop we received two (2) extra mop heads but since the heads are so very easy to take off and put in the cloths washer we are still using the one that came with the mop. I also feel the need to thank you for the fast response you gave when I had a small problem with the mop, your e-mail back to me was within a few hours (on a weekend) and the part was shipped and at my door in under a week. I had the part changed in 10 min and was again able to use the mop for weekend cleaning uninterrupted.


Thanks much for your wonderful product.



Marilyn Stull, Mountain View, AR

I LOVE OUR DYNAMOPS!!! We went through 3 of the 'other spin mops' before discovering Dynamop. The others would quit spinning after a short time of use. Just not durable. This mop has been a blessing to my husband and myself. we are in our 70's and are still involved in animal rescue. Need I say more as to the need of a great mop?(2) for over a year. Victor has been so gracious to us when we have called with questions or minor problems. They are so well constructed, it is almost impossible to destroy one. It makes cleaning up after the pet accidents a snap. it is well worth the price. I don't like mopping but Dynamop makes it easier and quicker.



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