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The spin mop debuted in USA in May of 2009 under the trade name of  DynaMop® which is formally registered with the USPTO (application filed in May 2009 and formally approved and published in June 2010).  Our original spin mop design called for the use the “one-way ball-bearing” to drive the spinner that spins in high speed to spin dry mopheads.  This revolutionary cleaning device works on two principles of physics, namely “leverage” and “centrifugal force”.  The better application of leverage the greater centrifugal force is generated to dry best.  As the R&D leader of the product DynaMop® first generation spin mop so introduced into the USA market with the highest spin speed of 1000 rpm from 2009 to 2011.   Breakthrough technology developed by the dedicated R&D team led the company to abandon the “one-way-ball-bearing”in 2012 and brought through to the market place its 2nd generation “Ultimate”patented spinning device (U.S. Patent No. US 8,065,777 B2).  


The Ultimate eco "Stepper" foot pedal model and "Plunger" hand pressing model represent the highest performance, greatest spin speed, best centrifugal force for drying effects and easiest usage in their respective catagories.  They have been rated the best spin mop reviews by the DynaMop® customers from the companies official website, Amazon and eBay customers.  We have won the trust from our previous customers.  Those who have bought the DynaMop® brand spin mop become loyal customers andeither patronize repeatedly to send as gifts to their loved ones or making referrals to friends and relatives.


The reason we sought to rid of ball-bearing dependency is that the bearings suffers wear and tear as it spins in high speed in contact with the spinner rod, the shortened life can be worsened by water damage as the bearings will rust when water found its way into it.  Our ULTIMATE spinning mechanism work by the claw/flipper device is non-metal and drives the spinner rod without contact.  As a result, the SGS lab test reported “no damage found” at completion of 250,000 pedaling steps in comparison of “damaged” at 20,000 steps in the ball bearings.  The remarkable 12 times longer life is easily interpreted to lifetime spinning when we use only stainless steel for all metal parts.  It’s worth mentioning that DynaMop® is also the ONLY totally immersible spin mop in the world.


With decades of manufacturing and managerial experience, CEO Mr. Hou upholds service-oriented philosophy to send the very best products to the market.  DynaMop® evolved and continued to be the best performance as well as the most durable spin mop on earth.  The company’s objective is to provide the greatest value to consumers at large.







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