Spin Mop
DynaMop wins Silver Medal in 2012 Paris Invention Show
DynaMop® innovative & proud production WORLD’S ONLY SUBMERSIBLE SPIN MOP     LIFE-TIME warranted spinner: DynaSpin™ system lasts up to the life of the bucket! VASTLY SUPERIOR IN QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE. NO other spin mop come ANYWHERE near this model! AWARD WINNING**(see picture below), Patented exclusive DynaSpin™ Spin...
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Fluffy Microfiber Mop-Head vs. Traditional Microfiber Mop-Head
Picture shows the comparison of the two types of microfiber.  To the left <— is DynaMop®’s unique “Fluffy” and the “Traditional” used by DynaMop® along with all others to the right —> of the picture.
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DynaMop® developed the first splash proof water restraint device in the spin mop.  The splash proof device directs the dirty water downwards into the bucket instead of splashing off or making a mist from the water spun off the mop-head.  
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New 2012 DynaMop® Ultimate Model
DynaMop®   DynaMop® Inc. , manufacturer and exporter of spin mops, first developed the 360° spin mop by applying two basic principles in science “Centrifugal Force and Leverage” to building the revolutionary, new concept cleaning device.  The spin mop concept is a big step forward in that it eliminates the need to wring a di...
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DynaMop sturdiest and extra long pole
Sturdiest and Longest 57″ handle that is 7/8″ in diameter and over 40% thicker aluminum rods. DynaMop® brand spin mop handles are extra long  52 inches or 57 inches standard with optional 11 inches add-on extension making 63″ or 68″ super long handles available to customers.
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Fluffy Type Microfiber Mop-Head developed by DynaMop
The life span of a mop-head is determined largely upon the ability to release dusts and debris from the strands.  Once the mop-head is saturated with dirt and grime, it is no longer absorbent and become useless.  Traditional mops are mostly made of string-like braids or strands that tend to retain and unable to release dusts and grime from the...
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DynaMop's Extra wide super strong nylon pedal
  Extra large easy pedaling spin mop pedal Extra Large and Ergonomic Pedal for Easy and Comfortable Operation One of the most important component of a spin mop is the “PEDAL“.    The spinner basket that dries the mophead evenly and thoroughly through the transmission system driven by foot pedal.  Compared to hand-press design...
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DynaMop's patented planetary gear construction
U.S. Patent No.: US 8,065,777 B2 Guaranteed NON-STRIPPING gear construction for spin mops. High performance: Delivers 2500+rpm spin speed.  Two times faster than other spin mop brands. Most durable spin mop transmission system with rust-proof plastic steel gears.
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Commercial grade spin mop, the DynaMop2500+ Model
    DynaMop®2500+Ergonomics Model had its glorious days.  It has been discontinued and replaced by the yet more advanced models: Replaced by the upgraded Non-rusting, 10 x longer wear spinning mechanism in the DynaMop®Ultimate & DynaMop®Extra models Visit www.dynamop.net to preview             &nbs...
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DynaMop® the trusted spin mop name

The ONLY spin mop product that is formally granted multiple U.S. patents:
(Patent #
US 8,065,777 B2; US 8,739,347 B2; US 8,657,719 B2 )

Greatest spin mop value:  Absolute Best Quality Spin Mop with FREE EXTRA MOP-HEADS

DynaMop® is registered trademark of the original 360∘ spin mop (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, No. 3800825 First Use in Commerce on 05/12/09).   DynaMop® is the only U.S. Patented (No. US 8,065,777 B2) spin mop for its high performance spinning mechanism.
Recognize the “DynaMop®” brand and know your spin mop before buying.  DynaMop® is 100% well made in Taiwan by the original spin mop developer/inventor who applied two fundamental scientific principles, Centrifugal Force and Leverage, to the development of the spin mop product.
DynaMop® Inc. (manufacturer) presented the market’s first and only  semi-commercial grade “DynaMop®2500+Ergonomics” model 360∘ spin mop in November 2010.  This is known  to be BY FAR the sturdiest, fastest spin (doubled spin speed of 2000+ rpm) and most durable spin mop on earth.  The 2500+ model has been upgraded to the DynaMop®Ultimate and DynaMop®EXTRA model with 3500+rpm world’s highest performance (compared to 1000 rpm) and the only spin mop to be free from “one-way ball bearing” dependency which in the SGS lab testing proven to be over 12 (twelve) times longer lasting spinner.  It is also the mechanism awarded GOLD MEDAL at the 2013 Paris International Invention Show, the eminent Concours Lepine.
Being the R&D leader of spin mops, DynaMop® Inc. specializes in the 360∘ centrifugal forced spin dry mops.  The company continuously researches and relentlessly develops new molds, attending to every detail to the perfection of the spin mop products.  The high cost of R&D kept our profit margin considerably thinner but never discouraged us from making improvements to upkeep our sense of achievements.
DynaMop® is the first company to come into the USA/North American market in year 2009 with her DynaMop® brand 360∘ spin mop with the intention to stay and to make DynaMop® a household name.  Our company philosophy is to introduce a cutting edge superior quality product at moderate price.  We are comprehensive that this is highly challenging especially with the world flooded with so called “knock-offs” at “dirt cheap” prices.  We do firmly believe that in the long run quality will prevail so we will carry on with our own insistence and allow the cheap quality to bury in its own ashes.  In this process, we have chosen to maintain a low advertisement budget in order to pass on the saving to the end consumers.  Internet online marketing of DynaMop® product gives us the chance to deliver the best possible VALUE to our direct customers.
Our pride and joy is supported by many returned customers who find satisfaction in the DynaMop® quality.  Please click on the “Testimonials” tab to view our customer feedback.

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