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18 Jun 2012
DynaMop wins Silver Medal in 2012 Paris Invention Show

DynaMop® Ultimate-ECO-Stepper Newest Spin Mop Model

DynaMop® innovative & proud production WORLD’S ONLY SUBMERSIBLE SPIN MOP

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15 May 2011
DynaMop sturdiest and extra long pole

Extra Long & Sturdy Mop Handle

Sturdiest and Longest 57″ handle that is 7/8″ in diameter and over 40% thicker aluminum rods. DynaMop® brand spin mop handles are extra long  52 inches or 57 »

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13 May 2011
DynaMop's Extra wide super strong nylon pedal

Ergonomically Designed Best Spin Mop Pedal

  Extra large easy pedaling spin mop pedal Extra Large and Ergonomic Pedal for Easy and Comfortable Operation One of the most important component of a spin mop is the »

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6 May 2011
DynaMop's patented planetary gear construction

DynaMop® Planetary Gear Construction

U.S. Patent No.: US 8,065,777 B2 Guaranteed NON-STRIPPING gear construction for spin mops. High performance: Delivers 2500+rpm spin speed.  Two times faster than other spin »

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6 May 2011
Commercial grade spin mop, the DynaMop2500+ Model

DynaMop®2500+Ergonomics Model Spin Mop

    DynaMop®2500+Ergonomics Model had its glorious days.  It has been discontinued and replaced by the yet more advanced models: Replaced by the upgraded Non-rusting, »

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