Spin Mop


Q.  How is DynaMop different from 360° spin mop?

A.  DynaMop is the 360 degrees spin mop developed by the original spin mop maker in Taiwan.


Q.  Is the mop-head machine washable?

A.  Yes, DynaMop ‘s microfiber mophead with the plastic ring are totally machine washable and bleach safe.

In fact, as to the fluffy type microfiber mopheads, we recommend washing, rinsing or dusting off the lints at the tips of strands before first use.  The lints (fuzz) are inevitable due to the way such fluffy mopheads are cut “open faced”.  The small amount of lints are present only at the first use.  There is no such issues with the traditional type mophead for the strands are braided.


Q.  What is the difference between the “fluffy” mop-head and the “traditional” ones?

A.  Actually, both are made of the exact same microfiber material.  DynaMop developed the traditional microfiber mophead for the first generation DynaMop and has since upgraded to the fluffy type for several advantages over the traditional: Longer lasting*, streak free mopping, better performance when used as a dry mop or duster, etc.   On the other hand, the “traditional” type microfiber is more absorbent due to the way it is braided and holds more liquid within (siphon principle).

*  Read about the longevity of mophead at www.spinmop.com


Q.  How do you tell the quality of spin mops?

A.  Like anything else, be sure it is built to last, check the sturdiness of the bucket, the handle/pole set.

Examine the functionality, spin mop works on the principle of centrifugal force to dry the mop-heads  the faster it spins the dryer a mop-head can be.  Pick the spin mop that proves its spin speed with sturdy spins (that the spinner doesn’t wobble while spinning).   The gear construction is the determining factor as to whether you’ll get a high performance spin mop that will be long lasting.  Use good common sense to compare and pick the obvious quality.

Practicality is important, you want to be sure the mop handle/pole does not break in half in use and that the mop-head will not likely to fall off.

Appearance, an attractive looking can be appealing, it’s the icing on the cake.


Q.  Why does the DynaMop2500+Ergonomics model come in two different packaging ?

A.  It is DynaMop’s policy to not only produce the best quality spin mop but also provide utmost value to end customers.  We are selling Pack-A with 3 fluffy type mopheads and the long and sturdy 52″ handle while Pack-B is designed to meet needs of customers for an even longer pole.  And therefore, we include a 57″ sturdy handle with both kinds of mopheads, the traditional and fluffy microfiber mopheads.  Each type mophead has its own characteristics: the traditional is more absorbent while the fluffy makes streak free mopping and is excellent when doubled as dry mop or duster.