Spin Mop
18 Jun 2012
DynaMop wins Silver Medal in 2012 Paris Invention Show

DynaMop® Ultimate-ECO...

DynaMop® innovative & proud production WORLD’S ONLY SUBMERSIBLE SPIN MOP

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21 Jan 2012

Reasons DynaMop ranks best...

The UPSCALE spin mop, original DynaMop® developer cares about its name.  This spin mop is made with great care, passion and pride, to this date it is still 100% made in »

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21 May 2011
Fluffy Microfiber Mop-Head vs. Traditional Microfiber Mop-Head

Microfiber Mop-heads for...

Picture shows the comparison of the two types of microfiber.  To the left <— is DynaMop®’s unique “Fluffy” and the “Traditional” used »

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21 May 2011

Spin Mop Splash Proof...

DynaMop® developed the first splash proof water restraint device in the spin mop.  The splash proof device directs the dirty water downwards into the bucket instead of splashing »

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17 May 2011
New 2012 DynaMop® Ultimate Model

DynaMop® The ORIGINAL...

DynaMop®   DynaMop® Inc. , manufacturer and exporter of spin mops, first developed the 360° spin mop by applying two basic principles in science “Centrifugal »

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15 May 2011
DynaMop sturdiest and extra long pole

Extra Long & Sturdy...

Sturdiest and Longest 57″ handle that is 7/8″ in diameter and over 40% thicker aluminum rods. DynaMop® brand spin mop handles are extra long  52 inches or 57 »

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14 May 2011
Fluffy Type Microfiber Mop-Head developed by DynaMop

New Fluffy Microfiber Mop...

The life span of a mop-head is determined largely upon the ability to release dusts and debris from the strands.  Once the mop-head is saturated with dirt and grime, it is »

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13 May 2011
DynaMop's Extra wide super strong nylon pedal

Ergonomically Designed...

  Extra large easy pedaling spin mop pedal Extra Large and Ergonomic Pedal for Easy and Comfortable Operation One of the most important component of a spin mop is the »

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